Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A prayer and a product.

good morning!!
Today I am having a wonderful morning just being at home, cooking a curry stew and watching CNN for the landfall of hurricane Dolly. My heart and prayers go out to all the people in Florida and Mexico who will be affected by this hurricane. Last night we had a very intense storm with lots of rain and lightning and I was praying though it... then I though about the hurricane that's 1000x worse!

LINDA! you won the card! You said: Nice card!!!!!!!! thanks for the download, my family is going to receive a Wilna's masterpiece (lol) Glad to hear you had fun........ Linda

8:22 AM

I am busy with some projects just for me. I will show you in time... I am thinking of doing a Making Memories Monday weekly and doing some interesting stuff with the MM product. I totally love what I am doing! One product that I have been consistently using over the past 5 years is Envirotex Lite pour on high gloss finish. It gives you a wonderful "resin" look on projects. I seldom cover big areas with it but I use it for small and interesting areas that I use some trinkets in. See the photo above of a detail of a album that I made (for our circle journal group). I used a Making Memories Album and covered it with this wonderful Passport paper and then right in the middle I made a collection of little things that I poured the High gloss stuff on and it dries very hard... and gives you that awesome 3D look!

AWESOME NEWS: My friend Kayla Aimee won the Making Memories scrapbook room... check it out...
A thought for today... Are you going through a rough patch? Then take this to heart Matt 14: 27 But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid!

Love and a kiss


Linda said...

Thank you for the lovely card....... and I love the way that the album cover looks I am going to try it in my next project. Thank you for the inspirational words I need it Iam doing homework and I am about to pull my hair out. ;o)


PetiteCheri said...

Thanks for the verse Wilna, just the words I needed at this point in time. God is good, he can even use a blog to speak to us! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Morning Wilna

Love the idea of the High Gloss area.
Thanks for the comments from yesterday (Thursday morning in SA)Like the verse from Matt"14/27 really makes my heart lift a little for it is so apt for us now.

Love Boo

Maryna said...

hey dolly!! i love you tons!!
having a happy day.. no reason, just God!
miss you so much

Grammy and Olivia said...

I have never heard of Envirotex, sounds like a great product. Thanks for sharing.