Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off for a break...

We are leaving town for a few days to go to the great north again. we really LOVE the silence, the scenery, the people and the water.

I have scheduled a post for tomorrow: It's a little surprise for you. So check back! yay!

But for now, I sweded (!!!!) this movie for all my friends. If you don't understand the afrikaans, I am sorry, but at least you can listen to us talk. This movie is very funny. To me. And Jana is the main character. Enjoy. This is the place we are going to.

Remember to check back tomorrow and leave me a comment telling me what you thought of my movie.


Anonymous said...

ah ha at last I can post here = Great movie Wilna. My sound was bad but I could hear that Jana has the cutest little accent. Ah the sound of the birds at sunset was great, made me think you were dreaming of Africa.

Have a happy family holiday.
boo (SA) xxx

G said...

how cute Jana "losted" the beaver. She knew she was just too tired and on holiday. Love the skies and quietness is nice. It looks like a perfect family holiday and everyone is having fun. Don't you also have a younger child? Enjoy your time with your family. Take lots of picture to scrap. Hugs Grace

Juel said...

great movie, made me smile!!

PetiteCheri said...

Cute family movie. Congrats on your fish! That looks like a lovely place to spend some family time, have a great time.

inara said...

cute movie, I liked the birdsongs!!!

Maryna said...

hey my fav family that are not actually mine!!
miss you all so much after that video!! sent the youtube link to everyone that doesn't check your blog out often enough..

Latharia said...

I hope you have a lovely time! :D

Lou said...

I happened across your blog(from m.memories blog) and watched your movie.It brought back memories from when we did the same type of trips with our two girls.Now our girls are grown and we have three grandbaby boys all under three.
By the way your studio is cool!

Michelle Ramsay said...

Great movie. sounds like everyone is having a load of fun.

Michelle Ramsay (South Africa)