Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's wednesday....

The builder guys are at my house putting in floors. Everything is on it's head. But I love today. The sun is shining and a friend is helping me clean out my scrapbook room as they will put floors in here next.
Thanks again to everyone that registered for my class. I can say at this point there is only a few places left. Then it will be sold out. YAY!!! Thanks for loving me enough to take my class!!!

Just something I read this morning that opened up a great conversation between Jaku and me: 2 Cor 10 (last verse) What you say about yourself means nothing in God's work. It's what God says about you that makes the difference.A really comforting thought.
Love and a kiss


Anonymous said...

Aren't we just sometimes so much focused on what we think of ourselves, or what other think of us???? I'm guilty! What matters is what God says about us.
Please say Hi to the Doctor. Fritz and I wish we could come & visit you. It is now exactly a year ago that we went out to dinner together. Fabulous memories. And it's the SA Scrapbook Convention this weekend. I'm surely going to MISS YOU there!!
love - ingrid

tessa said...

just a little question. have you made your blogbackground yourself? or have you bougth it somewhere? I really love it and i'm looking for something like it in pink white and brown

MandieGirl said...

Thanks for sharing that verse....So true, but so easy to forget! :)

Debbie said...

Love The verse, thanks!!!! I posted on my Blog about your Class. Thanks Wilna!



Tricia Wilson said...

Thank goodness that the only opinion that matters is His. He says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I believe Him. :0)

Grammy and Olivia said...

That is an encouraging verse. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I just love your faith (and you)! HUGS, you!

Linda said...

I believe that at a point in everyone's life we forget that we are made in His image and that he is the creator of all, so it should not matter what others say as long as you feel like you are pleasing our Father............. Thank you for such a great verse.... Thank you for sharing with us.