Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday MOM!!!
I send her flowers and chocolates and now I am showing her the cake I would have baked for her if she was here today!
we all LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Yesterday I designed our Christmas cards and ordered them from apple. I am so happy about that! And today a good friend here is having her birthday too... so i will have a piece of cake on my mom's behalf. Oh... and we (i) got a new car. A white one. And one where I can plug my iPod into. That was the most important feature for me. The rest was up to the husband. Thanks mom, i even got a present on your behalf!

Do you want to see my second favorite youtube video? It's John's brother Hank. This is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S. I LOVE my mom too.

Till tomorrow (ok, only on Tuesday: going to Calgary! and Ikea!)


Jan said...

Sooo, what's your FAVORITE youtube video - if that one's your 2nd favorite? Hmmmm?
P.S. That WAS pretty funny! ;)
P.S.S. Happy birthday, Wilna's Mom!

Linda said...

that cake looks goooood!!!!! Happy Birthday to your mom....... Congrats on your new car.

Helen Tilbury said...

Hi Wilna! Would love for you to take part in a quick and easy online challenge. For more details please take a quick peek at my blog.

Tricia Wilson said...

Happy Birthday to Wilna's mom and congrats on having such a wonderful daughter.
Oh, and I have no doubt that you could make an exact replica of that fabulous cake for you mom!

anne leglise said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! That is one beautiful cake, care to share a slice?:-)

Maryna said...

hey.. happy birthday ma!!
i also want a new car, wait, first i want the iPod!! lol!!
have good IKEA weekend
talk next week