Tuesday, February 10, 2009

just things...

This is a little indulgence that came in the mail a week or so ago. All I can say is: AMAZING.
iWORK is that program that I have been waiting for all my life. It's as if it was custom designed for me. I love it. And the leopard upgrade? Seamless. This is what makes apple so um... incredible. Actually there is NOT enough good words to describe apples goodness.

watch the keynote (introduction) here. I am such a nerd. It's so like me to have watched this keynote twice. he-he

I am so happy just to mention that one of my Valentines pages was published in Creating Keepsakes this month...Just comes to show what a romantic I am at heart.

Sigh. I love this man. and if you could see the cute emails he send me from his office (in the front of our home) you would understand perfectly why.

It's almost noon and I am still in my p.j's. I LOVE this slow and happy Tuesday. I really have been too busy the past 4 weeks. To the point where I have taken 766 pictures (seriously) of the progress and final product of the Valentine projects and NONE of one of my family. I think I have forgotten how to scrapbook. But I will soon find out how again. I am just ready to take some pictures again. I think right now I am going to induldge in a bit of reading.

This is the word I want to memorize next... it just gripped my heart so tight: 2 Peter 1: 2May grace (God's favor) and peace (which is perfect well-being, all necessary good, all spiritual prosperity, and freedom from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts) be multiplied to you in [the full, personal, precise, and correct] knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

3For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that [are requisite and suited] to life and godliness, through the [full, personal] knowledge of Him Who called us by and to His own glory and excellence (virtue).

Till i blog again... love



MandieGirl said...

So happy for your little 'present'. I can't wait til I'm at the point in my life that I can get more Apple goodies. That's exactly whast they are, too! :)They are all GOOD! Great verse. Have a wonderful day, Wilna!

Linda said...

WOW!! it makes me want an apple but I am happy believe it or not with Vista...... I am so happy to hear from you I know that your class must be so exciting....

Grammy and Olivia said...

It will be nice for you to "get your life back", but the class has been so worth all the effort. We love it (and you!)

Anonymous said...

Yay for gifts (of joy and love)! Also, I saw your layout in CK Mag and loved it. Just kept thinking how much I love your style...so personal, unique, and beautiful!

Tricia Wilson said...

Congrats on your new program! I saw your layout and noticed your sweet hubbies face and your awesome style and knew right away it was yours. Congrats on your publication!

tammy kay said...

congrats on the pub.

so nice to "meet" another sister in Christ.

It inspires me to see how you love the Lord and how you are not ashamed to post it proudly on your blog.

May He bless you.
Tammy Kay