Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In my ideal world.

* I would have 32 gig of RAM in my mac.
* the cutlery will be sorted in the dishwasher so that all the spoons go together etc.
* i would have iPhoto libraries for each child. keyworded. Dated.
* all the filing in our home would be done electronically. with keywords to find every document in 30 seconds.
* an accountant to compile statements every month so tax is not a nightmare.
* starbucks delivery to my house every morning at 8am.
* a professional video camera to make my movies with.
* American idol every night. he-he.
* A flight to South Africa that's only 6 hours. and always on sale. cheap.
* a photographic brain to memorize scripture with.

this is all I can think of right now. What's in YOUR ideal world?
Let me know.


Anonymous said...

In my ideal worl I would be married to wilna furstenberg...Josias...

MandieGirl said...

I copied you on my blog. :)

Melissa said...

this brought a smile to my face.....you have captured many of us. blessings on your day

Jan Connair said...

Well, I love to bake, so in my ideal world, we could eat all the sugar and butter we want, and it would never detract from our health.

caro said...

great ideals Wilna. I'd join you on the photo-brain; mine's lost it's memory (after 2 pregnancies?).

Also, I'd pay someone to study for me & then bluetooth it to my brain...

Geniet jou Dinsdag!

Dale Anne said...

An Ideal world for me - WORLD PEACE and unlimited art supplies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wilna!!!!
Well, I'd like just an ideal week to sit and scrap without any interruptions!!!!! hehehe....

That brain thing is true, mine's gone on a very extende holiday!!!!

Charmaine T

Stay Funny said...

* in a perfect world I would create all day and for it to be my job

* a click of the button I would have my make up one!

* A flight to see my sister in Italy (when i want) and free

* Vintage finds at every corner and beautiful and cheap ones

* I would sew perfectly (need my mom to teach me a class or 2)

*to be ORGANIZED again by hitting a button!

Thanks for sharing your hopes and dreams.... some could come true you never now!

Sara said...

I just posted mine to my blog!