Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Little badge.

Today is a real cold and windy day in Prince Albert! All 3 my girls are coughing and needing some TLC and I kept them home today. I love having them here... just dont tell them because they might want to stay home more then. he-he. I made a little badge for your sidebar if you are taking our blog class. Let me tell you, it's going to be awesome!
This is the bage:

This is the code you can paste into a HTML widget. Just click in this little block and click CONTROL A. Right click and say copy.

Lots to do today. Got my new Mac 30 minutes ago so everything is just a pleasure today!



caro said...

Wowzer Wilna - what's the name of your new apple???

I am granny smith green (with envy) and SO HAPPY for you!

I also have a sicky at home today - we even had to test for malaris (just in case) Get well soon,gals. Hugs.

Charlene said...

I cant wait to take this class....My blog need HELP!! I Hope your little ones are better soon!!

brigid16 said...

I signed up for the class yesterday!! I am so excited to take it! my blog is a little sad looking. I took the holiday project class too and your projects were totally my favorites!!! YAY!! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Wilna I signed up for the class three days ago and to date I have not received an email indicating what we do NEXT! I know the class starts monday but that is about it. Please post on your blog how to email. I am NEW to online classes and have no idea what to do! Lenn