Friday, September 18, 2009

i need a little help from my friends.

I have a favor to ask: I am busy with something (exciting) and need 3 people to help me test it.
IF ALL 4 of these apply to you then email me: wilna71 at yahoo dot ca. If you have an online scrapbook gallery somewhere, link me to it please:

1. You have some time on your hands within the next day or two
2. You have a color printer
3. You're in the mood for being creative
4. You like getting free scrapbooking stuff in the mail (in other words: I will make it worth your while)

I will pick 3 people and let them know by tonight.
Please help me. please please please.


Stefanie said...

Ooh, sounds very interesting.
I have emailed you my details.

Linda said...

It sounds like I can help you out....I'm going to email you my details...

Grammy and Olivia said...

Definately sounds like fun...I sent you an email.