Thursday, October 8, 2009


Oh my goodness... I have been so inspired lately. Let me share a few of my most favorite finds:
{Jen Jockisch} I mean, how does she do perfect everytime? And This page is beyond.
Marie-LaureB I actually lifted this page yesterday. I think it's perfect! You can have a look at all 4 her pages. Brilliant design.
This page was just touching.
junglebarrya's HAPPY page. Makes one smile just looking at it.
This page by 71babe... he-he. Guess who that is.

Romans 15:13 God who is the engineer of expectation fills you to the brim with tranquil delight. The dynamic of the Holy Spirit causes faith to exceed any possible hesitation in hope. (mirror translation)

All smiles


Tiffany said...

sigh....such beautiful and inspiring pages! I cannot wait to move into our new abode so I can start playing with paper and pictures again. Thanks for sharing such loveliness.

Anonymous said...

love all the links, isn't it fun to just sit back and surf once in a while? So inspirational!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Thanks for sharing all the links. I needed some good inspiration. Hope you are feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm missed this blog for a few days and it is my DAILY TONIC so now I am happy again.

CONGRATS! to the winner of the Christmas paper, I won Christmas paper from Wilna last year and it was so so nice. ENjoy and have a good weekend all.

Hope the eye improves with speed Wilna.


Helen Tilbury said...

Hi Wilna!
I have been away & came back to a pc on the blink - but now that it is well again one of my first stops is your always...and I have thoroughly enjoyed checking out all the links & being inspired by your awesome "eye" for talent, plus your own ginormous talent too...and also inspired to make it a goal to become active on Two Peas & load some layouts into a gallery there. Thanks for the effort here - the inspiration post is great...