Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday...winner and my mac.

[click the image : )]
I just made this page with my Mac. He is still stealing my heart everyday. I used my new kit from 2peas... I was busy today... finished up something very pretty : )

PINK!! you won the blog make over! i randomly selected you! oh my goodness... as I read through the comments my heart just got so soft! If only you all knew how easy it is to turn my arm... I am one big softie. I really hope you can take the class! It will be available for you for a loooong time. So you can go back again and again.

I loved what Francois wrote today: We don’t need to die to ourselves because we already died when Jesus died (2 Cor 5:14)we can only reckon ourselves dead unto sin, and alive unto God, Rom 6:11 The word, reckon is the word logitsomai, which means to make a calculation to wich there can only be one logical conclusion; this is not wishful thinking or presumption, it is the logical revelation of the Gospel!

Bless my girls' hearts... they are making waffles today.
Have a great weekend...


Tamara Nicole said...

Love the page:-)

pink said...

Mac is adorable! And can I say I am soooooooooo excited that I was chosen!! What a blessing...thank you!

LizNess said...

He is so cute! Also, love your papers/elements -- I knew you'd love digital! You're such an awesome artist, girlfriend!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Mmmmm...waffles. I need your girls to come cook for me :o)

Amanda Gibson said...

Super cute page. I have a miniature schnauzer too and I just love him to death. They are so funny and smart - and snuggly!