Wednesday, April 14, 2010

rainy days calls for this:

In South Africa we call these pancakes but I know the Canadians call it crepes. And in South Africa we make these on rainy days. want some? (it's raining here)

4 x 250ml All purpose flour
5ml Baking power
10ml Salt
12ml sugar
8 big eggs
4 x 250 ml milk
25 ml lemon juice or brandy (i used whiskey ; )
250 ml oil (i used light extra virgin olive)

Combine the flour, baking power, salt and sugar. (i used my kitchen aid mixer bowl for this)
Whisk the eggs in a separate bowl and add the milk.
Add the milk little by little to the flour and stir to make a smooth paste. (I attached my flat beater and put the mixer on stir)
Now add the lemon juice or brandy and then the oil little by little (by this time i switched the flat beater for the wire-whip.)
Stir the mixture well. (kitchen aid mixer on stir)
Let it stand for 1 hour.
By now the mixture will be thin as cream.

Heat a pan and add a teaspoon of oil. When hot, use a soup spoon and add some mixture while turning your pan so that the batter spread thin over the whole surface. When the sides start to pull away from the edges, use an egg lifter and flip the pancake over. This takes about a minute.the trick is to have your pancake as thin as possible.
Add the done pancake to a plate that you sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Add more cinnamon sugar on top. Stack them up. Now when you want to dish them out, roll them up. yum yum yum.
This is a fantastic recipe. and it's fail proof.

Suzette! You won the necklace. Please email me your address. :  )
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Dani Donner said...

We call it pancakes in Brazil as well!! We do have crepes too, even thiner than the pancakes. My recipe is a little bit simpler than yours though... :)