Sunday, April 18, 2010

What inspires me today.

My good friend Marian brought me a Sarie from South Africa. It's been a wonderful day spent in the company of one of my favorite magazines. Sigh. My other good friend, Wilna, brought me this amazing book: Kringe in 'n Bos (Cirles in a forest) by Dalene Matthee. It was our prescribed book in grade 12 Afrikaans in High School and we spent hours pouring over the text and prose and dissecting it to bits and pieces of phrases and words. And today i am enjoying it more then ever: It's a heart-warming and heart-wrenching story all at once. This woman has a way with words and can paint the most beautiful pictures in emotion that will make you want to cry. The past years i have also discovered that the blue duiker's (little antelope found the Knysna Bush) gall is not in it's head in so many things in my life.  After I had put down the book I observed my life from a different point of view - and got aware of the many circles which have closed in my life and are up to close in future. It's amazing how this complex fact of life can be written in such an enjoyable and deep language as Dalene Matthee did in her book. I can really recommend any of her books especially the Knysna Forest ones: Circles in a forest, Fiela's child, the Mulberry forest and Dreamforest. They are spectacular.

While I redesigned my blog, I listened to Juanita du Plessis... an upbeat South African girl which just made me smile and miss my husband (he is working this weekend). We bought a few acres of land outside of town and i am delving into books looking for inspiration for our house... which we will build in a year or so. But of course one can start dreaming. I want a farmhouse...with a farmhouse kitchen where i can make cheesecake and bobotie. and drink tea in fine cups.

The central theme and revelation of the Bible celebrates a relationship between God and man of the highest order, a union of absolute integrity, with no hint of distance, inferiority, guilt, condemnation or suspicion. Isa 65:1




 Love and kisses


Amanda Dovey said...

Sounds like you are missing SA just a little bit ;-) love Dalene Matthee's books to and really glad we had to read it as a set work book in matric, brings back great memories!
BTW: love the new look blog!!!

caro said...

So happy for you & dreams coming true! I agree, "Kringe" was amazing and I read the Mulberry forest in English - Looooong ago. One of those never-forget experiences. In fact, I still look at trees with memories of those old logging days. Treat your eyes on this part of Knysna:

Merisa said...

Loving the new blog - Beauuutiful. I want to borrow that Sarie.. ;-)