Monday, September 20, 2010

Story board.

I created this  story board today just to put together some of the pictures I took this Sunday. We went to Waskesui Lake to fetch our boat and it was the perfect fall day. Sometimes i forget how much i enjoy just taking ordinary pictures and then i remind myself to do it more often. I think the time is coming near for a camera upgrade... i am looking at the Nikon D300.

I also finished up some digital products that will be in the 2peas digital shop next week Tuesday... I cant wait to show you.

Otherwise my life is quiet... i joined a learn to run program and are enjoying it incredibly. My ultimate goal is to run 10k next summer. At this stage we are taking baby steps... which is fine by me. I also have goals to one day climb a rock, write a book, dance the tango and win Survivor.

I love the Mirror translation of the first few verses of Colossians 3: 3:1 Pursue with diligence the consequence of your co-inclusion in Christ. Relocate yourself mentally! His resurrection co-raised you to the same position of authority, seated in the strength of God’s right hand. 3:2 Becoming affectionately acquainted with Throne Room thoughts will keep you from being distracted again by the earthly (soul-ruled) realm. 3:3 Your union with His death broke the association with that world; the secret of your life now is the fact that you are wrapped up with Christ in God.

Love and peace...

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