Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mac today...

looks just like a teddy bear.  It's snowing here and he is like a bunny hopping through the snow. We all just love and adore him to pieces... but just look at this face and you will know why. Actually he doesn't like a camera at all. I have no idea why not... just as he doesn't like the car. He is a home body except when we go out for a walk... then he gets really vocal and loud. Mac loved mini carrots and green beans and cucumber... he always asks for a snack when i cook and that's what he gets. He loves to cuddle... especially in the mornings on my pillow. He will hop on the bed and wait for me to open my arms to him then he snuggles and sighs his pleasure. This picture captures his personality perfectly. And now it looks like he is getting a girl friend one of these days. we are so excited. but till then he only owns my heart and i will love on him everyday.
love and a kiss


Heather said...

Mac is too precious. Love the photograph.
I posted a photo of your design studio with a link to your page. I absolutely LOVE the style!

Jody said...

Our family debates the idea of getting a dog. Your posts and pictures make me feel like we're missing a family member without one. I love that Mac likes veggies. =)
Maybe we'll have to start talking about pups again. Enjoy your snow right now. I'm sipping coffee and thinking we'd have a nice morning chat if we were together. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Love popping in here (for years) but of late I have every so often not been able to see any pics. Like the one of Mac today?? Does anyone else have this problem?


Jennifer said...

ooooh! He is sooo super cute! Not sure if he is pure schnauzer or a schnoodle but he looks like the male version of our girl Hershey,which is a schnoodle. My 8 yr old daughter and I are awww-ing over mac right now : )
What a cutie pie!!! I am going to post a pic of Hershey on my blog just in case you want to drop by and see how similar they look. Give me some time to upload though ok! We also have a Bischon named Truffles so you might see her too :)

Your blog is AWESOME!!!!
I love the creative ideas and beautiful creations you come up with. I just found your blog so I will bookmark it asap : )