Friday, November 5, 2010

right now i am thankful for...

  1. Having time for myself. I am thankful that i am not overwhelmed with projects and other stuff... but that i have time to exercise everyday. This is an overwhelmingly thankful emotion for me right now.
  2. That i am balanced. More than anything i am declaring it in faith. That i am balanced enough to get the eating and exercising thing in union this time.
  3. Choosing every second that i will listen to God's voice of faith in my heart and not to the voice of fear. For fear will always bring in the past to the present and project it unto the future. It will always cripple you from within. That's why is a choice we make every second. : )
  4. the knowing that when you know something with certainty, then it's worth the wait and wait with no anxiety.
  5. I am so thankful for Cathy Zielske's blog. Especially this post. I appreciate her journey and her candidness about it all. I am so excited to be on this transformation process also and right now, i am THANKFUL that i started and that i will do my part everyday.
I will chat more later! The winner of the Jenni Bowlin Give away is:  Kristi B. (posted 10:36pm) please email me with your address and i will pass it along to Doris @ JBS.

peace and joy!

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