Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December daily 13

Every year, for the past 5 years, i have been baking cookies for friends and teachers at Christmas time. Much like our Christmas card, i put a lot of thought and planning in to it. The baking happens in the second week of December but looking for boxes and searching for recipes starts long before then. This page is about getting ready for everything. Yesterday I took some time to copy and paste the recipes i am going to use and including them in my album. I printed them on little cards that can fit into the baseball card sleeves. I also designed a little circle embellishment that i punched out and added to each box. I love that my girls are getting big enough to be an active part of the baking and decorating process...it's special and just plain awesome.

Here's a list of the cookies i will be baking:
Gingerbread men
Sugar cookies
Royal icing... thank the pioneerwoman. (again)
Jam squares
South African rusks (beskuit)
Chocolate fudge squares - i couldn't find an English recipe online.

TODAY Jaco and I have been married 19 years. We were 20 when we married and it's been a great ride. Look at us in this picture... this is the night we got engaged. I am thinking that next year i should start writing up our story... which is really amazing.
So, as I make my album page today it will be about us. I can't wait to start on it and share tomorrow.

love and a kiss


Anonymous said...

Today's pages are amazing too. Can't wait to see tomorrows and look forward, with anticipation, to seeing how you decide to tell your story. Its something I've been wanting to commit to paper for a while too. Thanks! Helen (tulabrass at yahoo dot com)

ruth said...

Beautiful album! What a priceless photo of you and your DH....so cute!

Janka said...

Happy anniversary! :)

Your album is just AMAZING. I love every pages :)

gleestormont said...

too cute, both of you in curls!
wishing you so many more years of love together!

abbiegrace said...

your pages are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I love them.

Kathy Martin said...

Great December Daily! You and your husband look so CUTE in your engagement photo! I love his red hair! :)

Jennifer Hurst said...

Beautiful blog. I could take some lessons from you.

AmieeAya said...

Aw, congratulations! and thanks for sharing your pages, they are wonderful. hope you're celebrating tonight :)

Melissa said...

Gorgeous pages!


Erin said...

Love love love your pages!!!

Nancy W said...

Love Love Love and Happy Belated Anniversary!

Marie-Pierre said...

Hi Wilna! Marie from your art class here. ;)
I was going through you blog today and I pinned about every single page on a Wilna pinterest board. :) And as I saw this picture of 20 years old Wilna I could help but smile a little more. :) You have a gorgeous family and you shine a lovely light yourself. Once again, thanks for every thing you share. You are highly inspiring to me!!
Sincerely, Marie