Friday, December 3, 2010

heART be still...

This is Abby. She is 10 weeks old. A miniature Schnauzer. She has puppy breath and loves to look one in the eye. Don't tell the rest of my family, but she loves me already.  Mac is not sure what she is or what she is doing in his space... but i know he will learn quick enough. welcome home, Abby baby.

love and a kiss


Angi @ CokiePop said...

Soooo adorable. Enjoy your little Abby.

karine said...

I really love your day 3... and your pictures!
it's great ;)


Fabulous photo!

Danielle said...

oh your pup is cute!! we just got a new puppy too - she's about 11 weeks! :)

are you on Facebook? you can see pics of her here if you want:!/album.php?aid=302592&id=696246420

she loves to go outside, but is having lots of accidents too - can't wait til she is fully trained! you are so right. it is just like having a baby!