Monday, January 10, 2011

a thought.

I have a few thoughts to share today. This past weekend we went to Edmonton to see Coenie de Villiers in concert. As we are seasoned travelers, of course we did not even bother to check the weather (!!!). On our way we discovered that Edmonton was expected the worst snow storm of this year. We only caught the beginning of it as we drove into Edmonton Friday night. That was stressful enough, thank you. Saturday we shopped in the west Edmonton mall where we also stayed... as i looked out of our hotel room window, all i could see was white. and white and more white.

Which brings me to the first random thought: I woke up Saturday morning and for some reason i slept on my hand and it was totally numb... until i flexed it a bit and the blood started flowing back and i felt the life coming back. In that millisecond i realized how God created man to absolutely and clearly understand Him: Just as we cannot live without blood, we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have life without His blood: it's such a part of us that to deny it is to deny that our own blood gives us life.

second random thought: i had this box that i needed to mail ASAP...(like in FedEx courier 2 days express fast) but it doesn't matter where i turned or what we tried, i couldn't find a way to mail it out. So it came back with me (all 1200km) and i mailed it out this morning from our local courier service only 1.2km from my house. And the box will reach it's destination only one day slower. The point being that no matter how hard i sometimes try to keep my commitments and not disappoint people (or myself) you sometimes just have to realize there are somethings you have no control over. I read the same thing in Cathy's blog and Kayla Aimee's blog (with some tears) this morning. After reading Kayla's blog, i just realized that my box cannot compare to her precious Scarlette. Perspective is a very good thing. And being flexible is a good thing too.

third random thought: i loved the concert so much... i cried too many tears. I think what made it so special is that Coenie's music is the music we listened to when we were dating-to-be-married. It brought back all those memories. I marveled at the most beautiful language: Afrikaans. It's almost like Italian: a totally emotive language. I just adored every second of it. Despite the snow storm...

To conclude with some good news: Francois du Toit writes: Time measures the rhythm of constant change, moments become days, nights and seasons; the eternal frequency of life is registered here. From our exclusive perception of time, we risk definition to capture a glimpse of eternity; we probe space with blunt instruments, measuring speed and distance in our hungry quest for reason. Where do we fit into this vast picture of space and time? Are we a mere afterthought of creation or are we in fact what creation is all about? Would God find an expression of his likeness in man that would ultimately intrigue him and fulfil his dream for companionship forever? If that was not possible, redemption would be irrelevant!

love and a kiss

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