Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday challenge for you...

This was my Friday night challenge for the crop and i want to give it here as a Sunday creative challenge. It closes tonight at 10pm (CST). please read:
*floating in through the window and going around giving high fives*
My challenge is as follows:

Using your favorite quote... make a page. amen.

And if you want to break my rules go ahead... i am cleaning house today, so not a lot of stuff will be bothering me...hahahaha. Anyway, i am a terrible teacher as i love to encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box. So, if you break the rules you get extra points... and if you don't then you also get extra points. Please don't fire me. That's how i roll. *brushes shoulder*
I recently (friday) discovered pinterest and i love it so much. That's where i got the idea from for the quotes. That Neil Patric Harris quote just kills me. it's that awesome.  *looks away coolly*

DO YOU LOVE ME? Not yet? well, i created a download with the quote i used... you can find it here. Now you should. love. me. *accepting the blowing kisses*

PRIZE: everyone who participates in this challenge will be entered into a draw to win a Jenni Bowlin goodie box sponsored by yours truly.... YAY!!! One winner will be announced tonight at 10 pm (CST) *clapping hands excitedly* *giggles*

POST YOUR PAGES: Take a picture and post it in cyberspace and link me in the comment section...make sure your shutter speed and aperture is correct. I will award points. I have a ruler. *i saw you shaking your head!!! I did see!!*

DEADLINE:  10pm tonight... I will do housework and you must be creative... *sulks with extended bottom lip*

*jumps up from desk chair * *start scrubbing the floor*
love and a kiss

NOTE: This challenge is now closed.... thank you to all 3 girls who played! will all 3 of you email me and i will send you something lovely! wilna71 at yahoo dot ca.
: )


Just Call Me Grammy said...

Fun challenge...though I should be cleaning my house too :o)

clouds shadler said...

phew... close to the deadline! this is so cool Wilna! here is my card, i hope a "card" counts as breaking the rules, lol :) This was fun, posted it through Flickr.

Gail said...

Phew. . . close to the dealine too!. . . love the Sunday Challenge. I will definitely be checking back next Sunday just in case.

Here is my blog: