Monday, April 18, 2011

still here...

Yes... i am still here and happily breathing.... it's just that...
  • I had a bout of a cold a week or so ago.
  • i have been doing taxes and finished it. yahoo.
  • get in shape for the summer.
  • working on a couple of design projects.
  • playing angry birds on my 27" iMac... (oh no... a little addicting).
  • got a new Slice elite from Making Memories... oh i love them so.
  • just done with the Prince Albert Festival of dance where i volunteered and where my girls danced in a zillion dances.... ok, maybe not a zillion but thirteen. which is a lot of hair and make up and driving.
  • hanging out with my friends.
  • and in this picture i am all dressed up for the PA business awards where our clinic SuperMed was nominated as best new venture.
  • please note my cute coach wrist bag. (insert grin) This was one of my best purchases ever. I actually slept over the price and bought it any way and now i am still so in love with it.
  • Tomorrow the King's Speech is coming out on DVD. I. can't. wait. It's the best.
  • All the girls in this house is looking forward to the royal wedding.... have you seen the spoof? It went viral you know.
  • we had another 15 inches of snow after ALL the snow melted. I was stunned.
God is good. live simply, eat well, say no to nonsense and smile.
love and a kiss


Melissa said...

That video was awesome! Hasn't seen it yet! Even a good job on casting! Lol! Loved it!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Amanda Smith said...

You look beautiful! :)

Sarah MacMillan said...

You've been busy! And congratulations on the nomination for best new venture.