Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Slice tutorial: positioning.

 It's Thursday and time for another Slice tutorial. I love working with my slice and I use the Slice Elite. *insert smile*
Last week, Pamela asked this question in the comments: I would really like to know more about lining up your cuts so that you don't cut into other areas you don't want to, and can maximize the use of your paper. It's very hard to see were the blade will start cutting and were it will end. Does this makes sense? Yes! what a great question. With this week's tutorial, i will show you how to position your slice to optimize your paper.  I want to encourage you to play along as this is a great exercise in getting it down.

Step 1
 Step 1: For this page i want to (again) cut out a few negative shapes. I am using a star because my page is about my girls' dance. I used the Applique Basics design card and chose this star. I used a piece of cut off patterned paper just to cut out the shape.
Do you see the x on the design in this picture? That's to indicate where the slice will begin to cut.
Step 2
 Step 2: Take the shape you just cut out and without lifting it from the cutting board, mark with a black marker the exact spot where the x is on the slice.

Step 3
 Step 3: Now place your shape wherever you want on the page and trace it with a pencil. Note the position of the shape. I am still keeping it "upright" meaning that with my tracings, the slice will start cutting in the lower left corner of the star. I hope this makes sense to you!

step 4

Now, select the shape again on your slice and press "SELECT". The slice will move the blade to where the x is on the shape on the slice screen. So, in this picture, i looked through the Plexiglas to make sure the blade is on the lower left point of the traced star. Cut it out.
Step 5
Step 5: as you can see here, i am still learning. My placing is about 1 or 2mm off, but you know what? I am doing way better with the tracings that just guessing. See how close you can cut now?
Step 6
Step 6: When all your shapes are cut out, then erase the pencil lines. Now we are ready to finish the page.

I traced the stars with glue and glittered the edges. I used the Bravissimo design card for the word. The papers is from the Making Memories Just chillin line. Thank you for visiting this blog. If you have any questions, please ask! I am happy to help.

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Susan said...

great tutorial - thank you for sharing it!

Karen M said...

Excellent! This is the most frustrating part about using my Slice. I'm off to a crop this weekend, and will definitely be trying this out. Thanks!

Janet said...

Thanks for sharing. Once again, I find something else wonderful about my Slice! I was not thinking about cutting the page itself! Definitely have to try this out.

silke said...

Thank you very much!

Just Rhonda said...


TheresA said...

I'm loving your slice tutorials! I can't wait for my slice elite to arrive (I bought it online), I've purchased a few design cards already, nursery rhymes and vintage findings, but I'm wondering if you have any favorites you would recommend?

sandra/merryheart2 said...

thanks for the tutorial. i got a lot out of this. i'm gonna check out the rest of them.
thanks again!

Caroline Hackney said...

Wilna, this is brilliant. Such a useful tutorial! I've had some success with Slice positioning, but your technique looks like a much more failsafe way. I'll definitely be giving this a try!