Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slice Fabrique tip...

Making Memories send me their new Slice Fabrique and I am so excited to start playing with fabric more and more. I made this card just to test how it cuts fabric and let me tell you, it's just awesome. I actually could not believe how pretty and easy it worked. I cut out 2 butterflies (from the Applique Design Card) from the pink fabric and sew them onto the rest of the card.

Today i want to share a little tip with you regarding the blade...

* There isn’t really a set number of cuts before you know you need to change a blade. It really depends on the type of fabric you cut, the size, and how intricate the cut is. If the blade frays the fabric or doesn’t cut sharply, you will know that you need to change the blade. 

* For thicker materials, be sure to adjust your blade housing ¾" of a turn to the left (Counter clock wise). This lowers the blade to allow Slice Fabrique to cut though thicker materials.

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