Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slice Fabrique: teacher's gift idea

Oh  how cute is this owl? I made this little teacher's gift for Making Memories using the Slice Fabrique with the the Animal Frenzy design card. It was so much fun to make. I stumbled upon these beautiful fabrics in....wait for it... walmart! and fell in love! Thinking it would be perfect to play with my slice fabrique. I love the artsy colors and patterns. First i just cut 6 little pieces of 6x6 fabric in different patterns. Next I ironed on the fusible web and then I cut them out using the Size 6 selection on the Slice Fabrique. It is as easy as that.

This is a perfect little bag for a book, a Bible or to use for pencils and other pretty stationary.
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love and a kiss


alexa said...

How clever is this! I can see lots of uses ... I've seen the Slice Fabrique and wondered about it ...

shire said...

oooh..this is soooo cute!! love it