Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Journal | Sixteen

This is Tia. She is my oldest girl. Ask anyone who knows this girl and they will tell you she is the most beautiful girl inside and out. She is kind, sweet, incredibly funny, wise and clever. The clever part I know because I teach her algebra. The only thing I cannot. understand. Is that she wants Justin Bieber for Christmas????? (see what I mean funny?)
She is a wonderful dancer... (advanced ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical. but NOT hiphop) and she loves to bake. I asked a friend the other day who bakes amazing cakes in our town and she texted me back... Tia? Yes. So happy to have her. Love you Tai. (our nickname for her)

Till Monday...
love and a kiss

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iowajewel said...

she is very beautiful!

Estellita said...

Your pages are so romantic !
Kisses from France !

perelka111 said...

your pages are a pity taht in Poland we havent such cards for a pictures:**