Monday, January 9, 2012

My week in pictures...

I haven't been blogging a lot.... something that I hope to change in the coming year!
I thought to share a few pictures of the first week of 2012!

Right now I am studying for my Canadian Citizen test tomorrow at 11am. It's been a while since I have studied for anything and I am actually enjoying myself! my goal is to beat jaco in the test... hehe. If you are Canadian... test yourself here. I have done a ton of these today! : )

I have a cool challenge on the October Afternoon Blog today... i will share the page tomorrow on here. And still on the scrapbook topic... i am so happy to be a Garden Girl. It feels unreal and as if I have to pinch myself!

Wish me luck for the test tomorrow! If all goes well, we will be Canadian Citizens on wednesday! yay!
love and a kiss



Tamara Nicole said...

Looks like a great week hun! :-)

alexa said...

Good luck in the test and many congratulations on being a Garden Girl!

Johanna said...

I'll have to take that test in a few years!!! Good luck on yours, I'm glad you're having fun!!!

Hayley said...

Good Luck! I helped my sister swot for hers in 2006-Its exciting times-enjoy!