Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games...

This weekend, the Hunger Games was the main event. The girls (and Jaco & I) have been looking forward to the movie for the longest time. Everyone who read the books will know that it's not the happiest most upbeat story, but rather dark and sad... I sometimes thing that this story has so many metaphors in our lives today. How one person can change the way of senseless and cruel traditions... not by being an activist as such, but just true to themselves. I think it provokes a deep questioning of the things that we tolerate. And in the end it tells the truth that change always comes with a price. These are the discussions that we had with the girls about the Hunger Games books. (we all read all 3).

Last Friday night we went to the 10:10pm show and each girl brought a friend with them. After the movie (1am) Jaco and I could not have a discussion in the car because of the chatter... the girls were talking everyone at mocking jays!

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Mel said...

I like the idea of tshirts and friends to make a real event of going to see a movie. I have not jumped on the HG bandwagon yet and now need to catch up really quick as I want to read the book before seeing the film.

gleestormont said...

my 14 yr old son and I are seeing HG tomorrow after his tennis match; can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

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