Friday, April 20, 2012

Home body...

I am such a home body. I love my house and just being home all day is fine by me. Tomorrow is Kirstin's (the dark haired beauty) birthday. She turns 13. And today there is a bit of excitement here as we are secretly wrapping presents and baking stuff. I am cooking a stew and Mac and Abby are (as always) seeing what they can beg from anyone near the kitchen. Jaco bought me pretty pink roses. And i bought some yummy cupcakes from Crave in Saskatoon yesterday. It's overcast and cold and looks like it's almost going to rain. inside we are listening to Taylor Swift while Tia is baking the birthday cake and the other 2 is doing school work...or they are suppose to.

a more perfect Friday is hard to come by. I am thankful and grateful and every other emotion that has to do with appreciation.

love and a kiss

ps... i will announce the winner to the OA blog hop next week Wednesday (the 25th)
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alexa said...

Beautifully taken and displayed photos - and hoping you have a wonderful time.