Monday, May 14, 2012

hello monday

As i am writing this blog, the wind is howling around the corners of the house. For some reason, i love the melancholy sound of it. The sun is shining and everything is green... so i am definitely not complaining. This weekend was a whirlwind trip to Calgary, Alberta... a 8 hour trip one way and we had a wonderful time. With three teenage (believe me, Jana is a handful... so she counts) girls,  what we do is give them a budget for the weekend. I transfer the money to their accounts and they are responsible for their purchases and I don't have a care in the world... being bugged all the time with i want this and that. PLUS if they want to buy a designer item that leaves them with nothing... they cannot complain to me. Because we are going away again this coming weekend to Vancouver, i transferred enough spending money for 2 weekends and at first they thought it was Christmas... but then they realized that leaving some dollars for next weekend is easier said than done. And while all this is doing on, i am at peace. With no care. love it. I can really recommend it. :)

This is a 2peas design team page that went live last week, but i never posted it on my blog:


I took this picture of Mac last month... and i feel his warm and cuddly personality shows. I love this dog! And that little paper schnauzer? I *heart* it. Thanks to my silhouette. They have all sorts of dogs available.
The $25 2peas gift card goes to...Miss Kathy said...Yes I print the PDF and I also save it to my computer. I like knowing I can find it easily when I want to use it. 10:00 AM. Please email me (see sidebar) and I will get the 2peas GC to you ASAP. Also, thank you for your wonderful input. I appreciate it very much!

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Bunnyfreak said...

Love the dog shape on the leaf.

Ana said...

Thanks for sharing your method to teach your girls to deal with money. Great idea!!! I'll try it with my kids on our next trip.

alexa said...

I love the textural feel of this - so clever to use the stencil in this way.