Tuesday, September 18, 2012

every good thing...

just a reminder to myself today of every good thing in my life:
a roof over my head
coolness in the air
changing leaves
enough work
a clean house (at least for today)
good friends that really care
a spunky Jana
a ethereal Kirstin
a heartful Tia
paper work
parents that is still with me
a big brother that loves me
Barbara and her heart of gold
my paxil and prozac: mac and abby
good books
Promises that's true
dreaming big
being enough
being faithful
trusting God blindly
wanting more of Him
good music

love and a kiss

GOOD NEWS is that 2peas has a Fall product sale on right now: Today till Friday!!


Elizabeth said...

Happy Tuesday, Wilna : )

Mel said...

A great reminder of all we have to be grateful for!

Caroline Hackney said...

Your blog posts are such a huge encouragement to me, Wilna! You help remind me to focus on what's really important. Thank you. <3

barb said...

loved your words and I don't get to pop in here often enough but your pages always make me smile when I do - hope whats left of your week is good. Barb