Monday, December 17, 2012

iheartblog: work and play

This past few days, Jaco and I went to Vegas. He attended a conference on complimentary medicine (he is currently doing a masters degree) and I did some shopping. It was a super fun time and Vegas surprised me in a big way. It really is awe inspiring really. And busy. and noisy. The food is great and the hotel (the venetian) we stayed in was beautiful.  Our suite (this exact one) was as big as an apartment. While we were there (a happy coincidence really) we celebrated our 21st anniversary. That night we saw Shania Twain in concert (you're still the one). It was stunning.

Back to real life and i must admit the world is still turning a bit. Today i am taking it slow but doing some planning for 2013. This week i am planning to do some Christmas baking. This week on 2peas this page was published:

Here's a list of the products i used:

I hope you have an awesome week... Make time to be merry and bright!

love and a kiss


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