Monday, February 11, 2013

iheartblog: Art class | any questions?

I am seeing the most beautiful pages coming out of the art class already.

This page by portablemichelle ...
This page by NinaOstermann...

And this is just to name a two from a whole bunch of beauties.
If you have any questions about this class please feel free to ask me!

An updated list of the giveaways of my class still going:

Dear Lizzy's Paper party. I used dear Lizzy on almost every page.
My newest  scrapbook crush: Jen Kinkade (she makes AWESOME stuff)
2peas BLOG: the people at 2peas has superpowers. i heart them.
My longtime workshop friend Kayla Aimee...
And then I have a little rules and reward happening on my own iheartblog.

love and a kiss

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Sandra said...

Yes, I have a question: How long are the PDFs and videos open, when I buy the class? Right now I can't find the time. But I'd be happy to get your video about your room as well...