Wednesday, March 13, 2013

iheart blog: have you seen this?

I am still excited about this class! And the students are too... Here's what a few have been saying the last few days:

Thank you Wilna for being such an inspiration!!! My whole scrapbooking process and way of thinking changed when I took your class and I'm watching the videos over and over again and I enjoy it every time more and more and they always make news ideas spark in my head!!! I can't thank you enough! And I'm anxiously waiting for the art class part 2! :) thanks so much for everything!!! Marie :)
Your work is so fresh and gorgeous and it's amazing to see your creation process and learn with you!! I am savoring each part of your workshop little by little and every day and each little thing inspires me so much... Thanks a lot for sharing, you rock!!! 

This workshop is amazing!!!! Your pages are full of inspiration!!!! I'm going to work hard!!!!

Wilna, I can't even begin to describe how very much I have enjoyed your workshop. It has been the most fantastic learning experience for me as I am new to scrapbooking 12 x 12 layouts. I loved seeing your process in creating all of your beautiful pages, I am so inspired! Thank you Wilna so very much for your generosity in sharing your techniques and knowledge with us. I can't wait to get started on some pages with all that I have learned. I am looking forward to your next workshop! 

A little promotion that ends March 30th...

Here is the link for the ArtClass... it will be available for a long time to come, so there's no rush. BUT i want to mention, right now I have a little promotion running on the Art class message board where I ask what's your favorite chapter... and I will draw a random winner end of March who will win a beautiful soft cover bound ART class notes book (it's the pdf notes in a softcover book form... and it's gorgeous). Those who have purchased the class already... make sure you don't miss it!

See you in class!

Wilna Furstenberg


Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I can attest that this class is amazing! I am SO happy I joined. Thanks *so* much Wilna.

Maria said...

I'm so happy with your workshop!!!! Your pages are amazing!!!! I love all chapters but the masking fluid has been a discovery!!! ^_^ ...and I'm still working hard to make a really good job!!!!