Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy to announce:

I have been working on something new and today I want to share:
Click and take a tour! I built it myself = super happy and proud!


I have a new workshop on there! Lightroom 4 is a wonderful program that you can use to edit and organize your photos with. In this workshop i will teach you the workflow of Lightroom 4. It's self paced. and step by step. Read everything about the Lightroom 4 workshop here. YOU have Lightroom3? The class will teach you the basics of Lightroom. You might want to upgrade to Lightroom 4 after you see the powerful book module. Read more about the differences between Lightroom 3 & 4 here.

have a look:

Promo video LR4 class from Wilna Furstenberg on Vimeo.


Wilna Furstenberg


Tanya said...

Quick question - if I have Lightroom 3.. will I still benefit from your course? Is 4 very different from 3 - baring in mind I have no clue how to use 3, let alone 4 :) Thanks.


Jen said...

LOVE the site!!
I signed up even though I only have LR3 ;)
I know that there will be tons to learn!!
LOVE you and your dedication and hard work to our craft!! xoxo

Wilna said...

Good question tanya! The 2 is different and they changed some of the interface and sliders. And i am not sure if the book module and print module works the same in LR3. You can upgrade for $75 i Think. It will be worth it.

Wilna said...