Sunday, August 4, 2013

new page on 2peas.

This page came from a technique I explained in my new artclass (coming this fall) and I didn't want it to go to waste. So, I incorporated it in a layout. The theme is little things, so i used a lot of little things on my page to just give it more meaning. At the end of the post i will have some links to the products I used and I will also link a beautiful new line from MME that i am in love with. See more details of the page here.

This summer has been very good to me. I am focusing on making art and it's always good.... but what's GREAT is that I took up painting canvasses again. I am paining flowers in acrylics (I don't have time/space/patience for oils yet) and dreaming big. I am dreaming of maybe doing a exhibition next year. I am dreaming of painting in oils again and definitely BIG canvasses. I ordered an easel from Wisconsin and now I need to assemble it and then I can start on bigger canvases. It's really hard to explain how much joy this is bringing into my life. It's life air to me.

But i am taking time to swim in the lake and to soak up the sun! I spent 3 days at a friend's cabin at the lake this past week. So thankful. :) What's your summer looking like?

Here's the winners of the last 2 give aways:
winner of Celine's class: Jeana: merry67
winner of my artclasslilinfang

Wilna Furstenberg


Maria said...

Beautiful layout!!! I love to use watercolors in the pages!! Finally we'll met in october, in Cromatismes workshop's, I'm so happy!!! :) Kind regards from Barcelona

sandi said...

Love this fun lo! Sooooooooooo sweet!

Lilin said...

Thank you so much this chance to win a place in your art class! I can't wait to start!

hayley said...

Hi Wilna- I always look at your journaling and envy the fact that my handwriting just doesn't look ANYTHING like yours- could you maybe add a handwriting snippet in your new art class? Please?

Diana Waite said...

oh wow seriously BEAUTIFUL!

Teddi said...

complete and total loveliness! your next art class sounds exceptional. you and your art style continues to inspire me, and helped me rediscover the joy of scrapbooking. thank you wilna! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this layout. I'm very much looking forward to your Art Class 2 :)