Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A BIG thank you.

Today I am so thankful and a bit jet-lagged. My friend Annelie and I came back from a 12 day trip to and though Europe and we did have one of the best times of our lives. As i am sitting here a bit heavy eyed and slow minded... I reflect back on the trip and I can honestly say the best parts were the ones that included the people: Annelie with her dry sense of humour that made me burt out laughing on the strangest of times. We shared so many hysterical laughs that I simply cannot name all of them. Annelie, you were the very best part of this trip for me and i love and appreciate you even more that before. Aurea, Gemma, Jes, Ana, Ana, Maria, Idea.cat... thank you for showing us your hospitality and introducing us to Tapas. WOW. Annelie and I decided that deep down we are Catalan too.
And to Tina,  Mireia, Jens and Peter and your families... thank you for your incredible hospitality and kindness. Your homes are warm and filled with love and laughter (and GOOD vegan food) and we will never forget how good you were to us!!

We are home safe and sound, we have slept and feel loved by our families! I am taking today off to relax, cook food and do laundry... and tomorrow I am back to work. :)

I just wanted to link the projects that I did for the workshops for the students here. They know the passwords. (some of these projects will be available later through my blog for the students who signs up for Artclass 2 - but only in November)

Workshop Mini Album
Workshop Layout 1
Workshop Layout 2.

Talk soon!
ps... you can see more pictures of my trip on Instagram! My username is wilnafurstenberg

Wilna Furstenberg


Mireia Sala said...

It was a pleasure to meet you in Barcelona. Thanks for your beautiful projects!

Maria said...

You are amazing my dear Wilna!!!! It has been a real pleasure to meet you!!! I love how you say my name: Marrrrria!!! hahahahaa!!!! I'll be looking forward your next workshop!!! Kind regards!!! :)

Irit Landgraf said...

It was great to meet you and Annelie! The classes were amazing and fun.
Here's a link to my project at 2peas, inspired by Art Class-

Can't wait to see Art Class 2!

HintertaunusKreativ said...

Hi Wilna,

thank you for the inspiring Workshops at the Weekend in Germany.
You´re such a lovel, kind and creative person! And after your Workshop, I´m addicted to Gelatos... ;) ;) Hope to see you once again!!!!

Best wishes!


papel de manzana said...

It was great to meet you, Wilna!! I had so much fun that night, seeing you and Annelie eating and enjoying those yummy tapas, and the wine ;)
By the way, the cookie you gifted to me was sooooo good!
Kind regards from Paris!

Penny Lane said...

Dear Wilna,

good to hear you arrived back safely! I absolutely loved your workshops at the Mega Event and it was a pleasure to meet you,too. You're such a kind and creative person with a great sense of humour, too:)

Best wishes,


Vanessa Menhorn said...

It was such an honor and pleasure to meet you! Thank you for the awesome workshop! Enjoy the time with your family!

Vanessa x

elvan said...

Dear Wilna! Thank you so much for the wonderful workshops last weekend! I never used Gelatos before, but now I think I should use them more often!! Thank you alos for the fantastic videos you linked on your blog!! Next week there are holidays, so that I hope to finish the mini album!

I am sooo happy, that I met you in Gettenbach an I hope to see you again, one scrappy day!!


Elvan :-)

Scrapbook Werkstatt said...

Wilna, I love you! :D Hugs for you and Annelie, come back soon! <3
Kisses, Tina

Anonymous said...
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Nicole B. said...

Thank you for the beautiful workshops and the inspiration. Hope you come back to germany soon!