Saturday, January 11, 2014

New year... already?

I am always a slow starter to the new year. And this year it's worse than usual. I am cold and lethargic and in general just pathetic. So I phoned my friend and complained at length of my unmotivated sense of being. All I want to do is... nothing. And her response was: It's January Blues. I am sure I have a healthy dose of January blues. Until this morning. I got out of bed and just decided this nonsense stops now. I did a family photo shoot for the sweetest family... and I was just reminded again how much I enjoy photographing families. The kids were adorable and busy and angelic. We did a recycling run...and now the garage is decluttered of holiday cardboard and wine bottles. :)

I have tidied my scrapbook room/ studio/ office and I want to give the dogs a bath as well. Oh and paint a painting. Right now it's snowing and only -6 outside. All the kids are with friends. The house is quiet. I am listening to Afrikaans music. I think officially that my new year just started. Happy new year to me.

My word for 2014 is HEART. I want to make art like never before. I want this creativity that's bundled up in my soul to spill out like never before. I want to paint and scrapbook and take photos and make beautiful things. I will fill my heart with good things. I will fill my soul with God's goodness and Word. I am happy that my workload for January is light and I have time to plan some important things for this year. One thing that I want to do is take more photos of my girls. They are teenagers now and it's becoming more difficult to get them in front of the camera. Becuase they are so picky about their hair and make up and general appearance, it's a pain. But i think i will just force them to take more photos and be ok with it. HA!

This picture makes my heart up fill with joy and makes my soul sing a song. 

Did you see the mini album I created for 2peas this past week? I am so happy and surprised with the amount of praise for this project. THANK YOU! It does inspire me again to take my pages and projects to the next level. And for me personally, that's all it takes... the moment I am inspired, I know the creativity will come and the result will be good. The photos I used in this mini album was taken by one of my best friends and an amazing photographer Dani van Steelandt. Love you miss Dani. 

A few thing I would love to ask... Artclass 2 is selling so well. I am getting emails and comments of how much the class is enjoyed and appreciated. If this is you, please write a review of the class on 2peas. The same goes for Art class 1. There is nothing I appreciate more as a thoughtful review on the classes. It really matters to me. Thank you for taking time to do this

Also, I want to keep on inspiring. I want to make things that makes you happy. I am aware enough to know that I don't know everything, but I want to ask you. What would you want to see more of? If I were to do another class, what would YOU like to see? I think the classes with the videos is a wonderful tool and the students love the videos. I want to start planning a new class but I want to know what you want... your words and thoughts on this subject is super important to me. Please let me know. I will even make up a RAK and give it away to a random commenter if you are so kind to take time and talk to me. Just leave a comment. :)

Lastly, just a reminder that if you BUY Art Class 1 or 2 through my blog, just email me the receipt to wilna71 at yahoo dot ca (not com) and I will send you a link to a mini album workshop that I taught in Europe this past October. Here are the links to use to purchase the classes:

I really hope to blog more this year. May this be the start of good things.
Much love
Wilna Furstenberg

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Ellie Augustin said...

How about a part 3?! I loved what watching new techiques although I do need to get brave and try some myself. Or how about fast & easy pages. I said this year I wanted to make a scrapbook a week and we are into the 2nd week and I'm already behind EEK! Happy New Year to you!

Cathie said...

I'm a big fan of Art Class 1 and #2 is on my wishlist. I agree that a part 3 - I'm sure it would be fabulous. And I know I would buy it! ;)

However, I would love for you to teach a photography class. Your photos are gorgeous and I would love to know how you do it.

ps: love the tutorial at the end of your last In the Mood to Scrap video. I'm excited to try it on my Cameo

Auror Willow said...

I know it's not scrapbooking related but I would so take a painting class if you taught one. I feel as if I abandoned most of my hobbies and focused all of my energy in scrapbooking last year. This year I want a happy balance, so I plan to improve my photograph and painting skills. I also plan to make more jewelry and knit a pair of socks.

kenna said...

I have been so inspired by your Art Class 1 and 2! I really took my time watching and soaking it all in. I have learned so many new things from you and I would love for you to offer another art class. My favorite chapters have been the ones that included painting with gelatos, watercolors and the ones where you mixed acrylic paint. What I appreciate most about your classes is you. The sweet, gentle spirit you have and the way you talk about your art is something I have really related to. I feel like I know who you are and I love hanging out with you!

Christine Cieri said...

I have left my review already for art class 1 and just realized I never did for 2 so I just did :) I LOVE everything you create and wish I could watch videos weekly by you. I have never been more inspired and I just love watching you create Nd go rough the process. I loved learning not too fear but embrace layering my embellishments even if most get covered, that has been a lot of fun and helped in scrapping my stash! Your last in the mood to scrap video "heart" and some of the others where you layered rub-ons were very fun. SoOo maybe even a. Hater focusing on layering? I mean you cover everything and I'm happy with whatever you do but that's something I've noticed you're helping me start doing, layering my embellies!

Kat said...

I've just signed up for art class 1 and will leave a review when I've finished but am sure it is fabulous! How about a class on cutting designs with the silhouette or sizzix on the smooth side of white AC cardstock and using watercolors or markers/copics to bring them to life? I do this and it's an easy and inexpensive way to get customized embellishments.

Rachel said...

I haven't had the chance to take the classes yet, but I love all sorts of mixed media ideas. Different ways to use stencils and distressing are also tops in my book!

ginny said...

I have taken both of your Art Classes(I'm slowly working my way thru Art 2) Your classes & 2Peas videos have made look at scrapbooking in a new way. Watching you has given me confidence to try!

Jenny SA said...

Hi Wilna - Happy 2014 to you. I just want to thank you for your awesomeness - you inspire me so much. I have taken Art Class 1 and 2 and watch them over and over. Whenever I feel bored or uninspired I just watch another video. What I would love to see is a painting class or more of your art incorporated with a photograph - such as when you painted your birds etc.. So your art as embellishments. But whatever you do - you do it with such style. I just love you... :)

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown said...

Wilna!!!! I just adore you and your work! I LOVE your videos, and I am currently doing ART CLASS 1 and loving it. Since coming across your work and videos, my scrapping style had done a 360 ...I now use a glue gun, gesso, inks, layer like mad and add all kinds of bulky things like resin flowers and I thank you for that! Happy New Year to you!!!! xoxo

Danielle Higginbottom-Brown said...

oh i was to busy gushing about how much i heart you that I forgot to tell you what class I'd like to see.... how about ART Class 3 AND I would love a Painting Class xoxo

Irit Landgraf said...

I've written it many times, and have no problem to write it again, I love your style and everything you create Just thinking about another art class makes me happy! But I took the time to think what I'd like to see in another class.
I'd love to see you use more patterned paper. Thanks to your classes I use a lot more white cardstock and embellishments, and love it, but I have sooo much paper, and it would be great to get more ideas on how to use it, Wilna style
Metallics- be it spray paint, paint, markers, embellishment, I'd love to see what you'd make.
Markers-Faber Castell Big Brush or any other type
You made one layout that started with a chipboard flowers die cut on white cardstock, that you then added watercolors to it. I'd love to see more of that process, of starting with one piece of ready made item, and creating a background or a layout from it. Sometimes starting with just that white cardstock is difficult for me.
Maybe some instructions on simple drawing of flowers or other simple elements.
I'd love to see you use 3*4 and 4*6 cards in your pages with light mixed media techniques.
And some products that I always welcome more inspiration on using them- Silhouette, gesso, gel medium, modeling paste, gelatos, watercolors, stamping, paint, ink…
Have a great 2014!

Tilla said...

Hi Wilna
Happy to see the January Blues have gone ! I have done AC1 and loved it so much I got a full set of Gelatoes ! I have signed up for AC2 but have not had a chance to look at any of the videos yet, but sure they will be awesome ! I also love the idea of a photography class as well as Silhouette - but will definitely support whatever you decide to do, love your art !

Janet said...

Wilna: I don't believe they are January Blues. I think they are January Breathing. I would love to see a post on how you put a Mood Board together, and one on how you develop your One Little Word project. Something about your work calms me and I so aspire to create my own calm craftiness--through your teaching style and osmosis since my left brain never shuts up. Happy New Year.

Lilly said...

Happy New Year Wilna!! I am SO inspired by your art and I am excited to see what you have in store for us this year. I have taken Art Class 1 and am ready for 2, 3, 4, Thank you so much for all the work you put into the videos you create for us... it is truly appreciated.

Renae said...

I'm in the middle of Art Class 1 and can't wait to take Art Class 2. I have learned so much be it techniques, design, or new products. I would have never thought to use watercolor or gesso/modeling paste on my layouts but not only do I love the look I actually went out and bought the products and tried them. It was so fun to step outside of my comfort zone and make something beautiful. Usually I do that and the end result isn't so good :)

Christine Cieri said...

I already left my comment but wanted to add that a fun chapter could be dedicated to chipboard. Maybe ways to alter chipboard albums for example. I'm in the process of doing this now and know the possibilities must be endless. <3

Moira said...

Hi Wilna and happy crafty New Year LOL. I have been thinking a lot all week about your question of what I would want to see in a next class - trying to come up with clever ideas. But really, I love what you are doing ... that's it, that's all. I love both Art Class 1 and Art Class 2 and would definitely continue if there were an Art Class 3. From a selfish point of view, I would love to see even more use of stencils and acrylic paints. The other feature I love is Mood Boards - so I thought maybe class with 12 chapters, 4 mood boards - one for each season and then the 3 chapters per season: one could focus on colour, another on texture and the other on medium. But rest assured, whatever your next class is, I will be there with bells on :) LOL

Fresh Delight said...

Hello Wina,
First of all I want to thank you for your fabulous class!! I took art class one and I will take art class two very soon!

For a 3rd class I would like to see you use your punches, stamps, ribbons (again) and some cool techniques with embossing powder and paint together. I hope you can do something with my idea’s :)

I look forward to a next art class
Ellen H.

Rebecca N said...

I just love watching you create! You really inspire me! I love all the techniques you have shared so far. Your work is so calming and so freeing... Just keep sharing your journey with us. I also really loved your mini album and look forward to making one of my own. Thanks Wilna! Xo