Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My week just begun.

This past weekend  it was May long weekend and I took the whole weekend off except last night I worked again and I was so inspired. You will see why tomorrow. :) I always know it's a good thing to take some time off ... it's really the very best medicine for my creative side. My girls were home (almost) the whole weekend and last night while I worked a friend came over and they played Wii... and it was a beautiful noise. Teenage girls playing Mario is something to experience. I loved hearing them the whole afternoon and evening.  Kirstin announced Saturday that she wants so bake a cake and this is the result. It was so good. We fought over the last piece last night.

Today I have a page and video up on Shimelle's website. Head over there and watch the video and my on-camera paper cut. I am such a loser. ha!  And then be back here tomorrow for yet another video.

Talk soon!
Wilna Furstenberg

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Vicki Funk said...

Loved your page over at Shimelle's blog! You are so kind to share your talent with us. And eina! Paper cuts are the worst!