Thursday, June 19, 2014

43 things today.

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In my 43 years on earth I have learned the following:

1. Always make the icing when the cake is baking
2. Life goes on :)
3. Less really really is more.
4. Don't betray confidence.
5. Engage with brain before accelerate with tongue.
6. Mind clutter is a creative assassin.
7. Matthew McConaughey is it.
8. Photography is my legal high
9. I have a schnauzer on my desk called Dex. what?
10. I love love coffee.
11. I love my girls. I love them more each year.
12. I love toast and eggs.
13. I am joined to the hand with my iPad Mini.
14. Breaking bad is the best show in like ever.
15. My studio room needs to be clean before I can work.
16. I am so so so thankful for my life right now.
17. Picking up the girls from school is my favorite part of the day.
18.  I don't like candy that's not chocolate
19. I love the vlogbrothers on youtube. After all these years I still watch. every. video.
20. Instagram is my fav social media
21. Much ado about nothing (1993) is the movie I have watched the most.
22. My first dog was a German Shepherd and his name was Matisse. We had him for 12 years.
23. I don't eat sandwiches that I did not make.
24. I appreciate my mom and dad more now than ever before.
25. I don't like talking on the phone.
26. A shiny sink makes me happy.
27. I love pink. with a touch of purple in it.
28. I love veronica mars
29. The slightest change in perspective is a miracle.
30. This too shall pass. This is true.
31. Twix is my fav chocolate.
32. I am reading Beyond the beautiful forevers by Katherine Boo right now.
33. I have a big personal space.
34. I want a magic wand for my birthday.
35. Soda and lemon. mmm.
36. I seldom procrastinate (just sometimes)
37. I love to text even though my phone is always on silent somewhere.
38. I love doing accounting. 
39. I wish there was more hours in the day. to paint paintings.
40. I love doing laundry. 
41. I can sleep anywhere, anytime.
42. Psalm 43 is my Psalm for the year. I love the compass and map part.
43. I am imperfect, and i am wired for struggle, but I am worthy of love and belonging.

Here's to another year! Cheers!

Wilna Furstenberg


Стокли said...

Happy birthday Wilna!
I hope you get your magic wand and an additional hour a day)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Wilna!
Hope your Special day was everything you wanted it to be!

Jen said...

happiest of birthdays, friend!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday lovely girl!

Stephanie Bryan said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend!! :)

Karen Beldon said...

Happy Birthday Wilna! There is much beauty and wisdom in this list...just like it seems like there is in your soul (even though I've never technically met you..hee hee) :) Enjoy your day and thanks for always inspiring me on your blog and instagram!

Sarah said...

Happy Happy Birthday beautiful girl! My birthdy is Saturday and you've totally inspired me to do my own list so thank you! ;) xoxo

Becky_478 said...

Happy Birthday! You are an amazing person and it shines through the bits you share of yourself. Thank you for bringing back to my art. You are so inspiring!

Kelly said...

I like your list. Happy Birthday! (today is my dad's birthday too)

Cindy Lundy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's wonderful

Cindy Lundy said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's wonderful

Amber Sheaves said...

What a lovely read! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday!

Iris van de Ven said...

Happy birthday Wilna! I wish you a great year with much beautiful art. You are my inspiration and an example in life. I wish you all the best, bless you!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Wilna, hope its WONDERFUL

Janet said...

When I was in high school, I worked for a company that had a different kind of birthday party. On your birthday, YOU brought the treat. Until today, I've not seen that again. Thanks for your birthday gift to us.

Debbie From Illinois said...

Happy Birthday Wilna!!!!

Bernii Miller said...

What a fabulous list!


Tilla said...

Veels geluk liewe maatjie, omdat jy verjaar - mag die Here jou seen en nog baie jare spaar !
Baie geluk en love jou lys ! Soos altyd inspirerend !

robinann17 said...

Happy, happy birthday, dear Wilna! I could list 43 things I love about your blog and your wonderful, creative projects!!! You bring joy to my heart every time I read your postings! I hope the coming year fills your heart with peace, joy, and beauty! My daughter's birthday is Sunday and I'm going to ask her to write a list of 31 things.

Fräulein Pilzrausch said...

Happy Birthday, my lovley Wilna! I wish you a wonderful and magical new lifeyear ! You are such a wonderful and Amazing and shining Person! You will See it : anything falls in the Right Place for you ...
Frl. Pilzrausch

gleestormont said...

Happy birthday darling web friend. You are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your light w/all of your fans.

Olya Kotlyarova said...

Happy birthday, Wilna!

SweetyK said...

Since I am reading this late, I hope you had a lovely birthday. Thanks for sharing this part of yourself with us. I came to your site today to read about the closing of two peas and info concerning your workshops but after reading that I scrolled down and found this post. So thankful I did. Thanks for your honesty and sweet spirit. I really needed to read this today and to be guided to Psalm 43. God is real and he sends his message to us in many different ways and today it was you. :)