Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beautiful Farm girl *Prince Albert SK Photographer*

I love photography and over the years it's become on of my favorite things in the world. The butterflies I feel before every shoot. The high I get around half through a shoot and then all over again when I do the editing. This girl was so incredibly easy to photograph. She is a farm girl though and though and seldom wears make up or get all dressed up... she is funny and bright and was the perfect medicine for me to get out of my winter photography slump.

I will be blogging my photo sessions more this year. In the past I didn't becuase I wanted to separate my art and photo businesses but in the end this blog is all about what I do and what I love and I guess I just want to share it all.

Wilna Furstenberg


Anita said...

Beautiful photos! :)

Cara said...

Wow Wilna! These are fabulous! Not only are the photos gorgeous, but you've really captured her personality as well! So glad you love it so much :D

Carolyn Stephenson said...

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more on your blog in the future.