Saturday, July 5, 2014

back home! and a request.

Hello to my friends on the interwebs. We had a little vacation that turned into a longer vacation than we anticipated. Becuase of the hurricane on the east coast we had to stay two whole days in Chicago and when we got home yesterday we had to burn the clothes that we wore for 3 days. Just kidding on that one... but it was close. It was so good to see my furry babies again and to just sleep in my own bed. I am just overwhelmingly thankful.
My trip was not entirely restful. I got the news of 2peas on the way to Miami and the flurry of emails - both from concerned students, fellow designers and potential opportunities and I had to think and decided real things while I was just ready to take a mental break. It helped that I only had limited wifi and no data roaming so I only had to think at specific times. LOL. Anyway, I made a few decisions and I need some help!
But first an update on 2peas: I still don't know a thing. I am not sure what's going to happen with my content on there... (either the classes or my videos and layouts). It's sad really... but I don't have any say in it. So please hang tight and I will update here as soon as I know.

But right now I need some help. I did not realize it, but all the reviews to my classes on 2peas are gone! Ahhhh!!! Those were super precious to me and also going forward with workshops it was sort of a resume for me or better stated: a point of credibility.  When you start off doing a workshop no one wants to buy anything until they know the teacher is up to any good. I have some awesome things happening right now and I simply need those reviews. Desperately and urgently.

Please... If you took any of my workshops, will you be so kind to send me an email with a few words reviewing the class? I will use these reviews for something coming up soon! I am not allowing comments as I do not want anonymous reviews.
Please use this email: wilna71 at yahoo dot ca (NOT com)

Thanks for understanding. And your help. And everything in the whole world. ever.
Wilna Furstenberg