Monday, August 18, 2014

Winners and other Updates.

Hello! I am having a super busy administrative day. So here's a few important updates that you should know about:


1. | Firstly, the winners: I ask that you email me asap at wilna71 (at) yahoo (dot) ca (not com)

Guest Instagrammer

2. | Then you should know that I am the guest Instagrammer for Big Picture Classes this week. I am so excited to show you sneak peeks of my upcoming Art&Design class and chat about it a bit. Follow @bigpictureclasses on Instagram. Tomorrow a few friends and I will host some Instagram give aways of my Art&Design class

Dear Lizzy

3. | I also made projects for Dear Lizzy this month and one of them (Popsicle Invitations) is on her blog today. So adorable. I added the cut files I used to make the project in the shop over at

Art class Update

4. | As you know by now I received back the rights to my Art Class 1 & 2 and Love Mini Album Workshops. Two Peas send me an email list of everyone that enrolled in the classes. Now that I am done with the content of my Art& Design Workshop, I will start working to add those Workshops on I have a great set up there now and the classrooms will be beautiful.  

Important: According to US and Canadian laws, I cannot email you out of the blue about the workshops becuase I do not have your permission to do so. That's why I asking you to sign up for my news letter. I will absolutely not be sending you any emails about the workshops unless you have signed up for them.  I use mail chimp and they are the best and an industry standard when it comes to sending lots of mail and newsletters and things. I read up quite a bit about it and they comply over and beyond all the laws. When you sign up for my newsletter, you have to confirm it. This is an important step as it leaves a paper trail that proves you gave me permission.

Sign up for my news letter in the side bar of this blog... or on the home page of You only need to sign up once. All the news letter signup thingies on this blog and on iheartstudio  are one and the same.

New blog coming soon...

5. | I am working on a new blog. This blog address will work for the new blog! It's basically done and looks beautiful. It will be fully functional September 1st. After almost 10 years with blogger I took the big step and migrated this blog and all of its content over to WordPress where I will be hosting it myself. (meaning it will cost me something every month).  There is a few reasons for this:

  • I became more and more frustrated with the limited customization functions of blogger. I have been building websites with WordPress the past 3 years and felt more and more confident that I can do it and make it beautiful. WordPress has a plugin for every desire and the developers are so accommodating. 
  • Becuase 2peas closed, I have no place to host my gallery of pages. I wanted to add them all in one place where I have full control over how they look and display. WordPress provided me the platform for this. I am still busy adding galleries. It will be 10 years of creative work displayed in my galleries. Minus my workshop content. That's a lot.
  • With doing so well and looking so beautiful now, I wanted a more uniform look  between the websites. One look for my brand: iHeart. 
  • I will never ever delete this blogger blog. But on September 1st, this BLOGGER blog will resume the address. 

Wednesday videos

6. | I will resume posting wednesday Videos on this blog September 3rd. It will be on my new blog!

So, thank you for being patient through the transition of all these things. So much going on. There is literally only 2 more weeks left of summer in Saskatchewan. I am going to take more breaks and enjoy it. And at night I will climb into inter web code and make my web presence even more beautiful. 

Have I told you lately how much I love you?

Wilna Furstenberg


Michelle said...

We love you too Wilna! xoxoxo

3kidmama said...

So excited to see what things you have in store for your new blog and business, Wilna. I would love to sign up for your newsletter, but am unclear where to do that? I'm probably missing the obvious somewhere. :)

You are very loved by the scrapping community too, Wilna! Enjoy your last bit of summer.

Wilna Furstenberg said...

hey @3kidmama it's in the side bar! or there is one on the home too. They are all one and the same.

Olya Kotlyarova said...

Great news!
I love Wordpress too! It's really more usefull than blogger, so I understand you decision ;)

Congrats to winners, you're lucky!

Jennie Hart said...

Congratulations on such big news. I am thrilled to hear about you getting the rights to your classes as I was waiting to have time to take them!

karennarelle said...

sounds wonderful. can't wait!

kim said...

Wow you are one busy lady! It's all going to be gorgeous I know it!

jenart said...

and we love you too, awesome lady. So many exiting things ahead - cant wait to follow the journey with you. You deserve all the love Wilna - you are truly one of a kind xxx

Julie GM said...

Congrats to you! I have been wanting to make that move & still have not! xo

Christine Cieri said...

So exciting and can't wait to see your new blog and I can't wait fir your class to start, oh and your Wednesday videos again!

Sherry Eckblad said...

I signed up for the newsletter.
I have a question I signed up for the ArtClass One at 2 Peas but never started the class does that mean since you have the list I can take the class that was paid for?

Natalie Jones said...

could I tell you once again somehow.....
I am so so happy for you Wilna. You are one incredible lady. Wishing all the love and happiness with all your new adventures x

Cindy Borcherding said...

1. Hooray for the 2 Peas classes coming back to you!! I took both and was so sad to learn they'd be "gone"..SO happy about this!
2. I really, really need a silhouette because your files are AMAZING and a big part of your new class!!

Wilna Furstenberg said...

For sure!!! 😊

Donna C said...

So wonderfully amazing! Even though I was sad to see the end of 2peas, I am of the mindset that change is good ( almost always!) and seeing your announcements today just continues to confirm my beliefs! And ...of course I am pleased as can be that my beloved Art workshops will be accessible right here! Yay!