Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Woensdag 14:30

WOW! we sure had an interesting night. at 3 both of us were wide awake and eventually got up. j phoned his family and i scrapbooked till 6:15. i am so happy with what i did and i just finished this page. i just love it (because i love them) what is it about this hobby that drives me to totally flowers? please can someone answer me (she cried!!) . it's still snowing and guess what? the (see my links) got it right this time. earlier today it was snowing and the sun was shining. i love the snow. listening to m.w smith and the song is i have never been unloved. its great. thanks for the comments!!!!! (HOOT-HOOT) i got them in my blogger-behind-the-scenes-box so that i can look at them before i publish it. i really love comments. so, this being the 3rd l/o for the day, i am fairly satisfied but there's some more in me. tomorrow we are having a dinner party for 8 and i am looking forward to cooking something nice. maybe soup and a shepherds pie or something. we have lamb here too, although the canadians dont like it so much. have i ever mentioned that the movies (5 theatres) are just a block from our house? we saw chicken little last friday and it waas only OK, but it was a trailor that made me cry: 8 below. a disney movie about 8 snow dogs. its a true story and totally a must see. j is missing matisse terribly and he would sometimes just tear up when he sees a dog like M. i definitely said goodbye properly and know that he is very much loved where he is now- with maryna- but i think j didnt sayhis goodbye like he ought to have and now have some hartseer. (for lack of a better word). anyway, wanted to log in quickly, almost time to fetch tia. enjoy the day and remember that ek sommer baie verlang. nou klink ek soos jana wat haar tale mix.
liefde wf

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