Friday, December 2, 2005

Vrydag aand

Hallo...Its Friday eve and I am sitting on my bed busy with 2 peas. I love that site. posted some l/o on there and had wonderful response. anyway, j's at the walk in and says its hectic. today was a computerday for me. i scanned a lot of pages and that takes time. last night we had friends over for a dinner ... i made butternut soup and spagetti bolognese. was a great time. i have not done any scrapbooking in the past 2 days and hop to come around to it after i posted this message. i am bursting with ideas!! i went through some of my older layouts and I am very excited about what i am doing at the moment. i want to enter for Creating keepsakes "hall of fame" but (as i discovered on 2peas) so is the whole north america. but i am positive and would love to do work for the hof. this week has been a blurr for me, as if i have'nt been home enough, busy, busy, busy. but hopefully this weekend will be a little quieter and i just want to have peace!!! . So, goodnight, sleep tight. i am posting another page. WRITE A COMMENT!! love

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