Friday, December 9, 2005

Ahhhh Friday: my dad's b/day!!!!!

Love friday too. this morning it's... HOT! i took Jana to school and the breeze against my face wasnt chilly, but nice. the weather (!!) predicts 5 degrees and it's my dad's birthday. so, veels geluk liewe oupa omdat jy verjaar, mag die Here jou seen en nog baie jare spaar!!!! ek sal later bel!!! my parents are quite the adventurers and my mom took my dad to some sleep out somewhere near polokwane (pietersburg). so, i can only phone later b/c then theyll be home. i so need to get into the christmas frame of mind. i am not one for all these parties and functions. i want to stay home and make home and art. the one i am looking forward to is tia's school christmas play on wednesday: you are all invited. she has her ballet examn on monday and i know it will go well. her strength is in Christ even at such a young age. she woke up this morn ing asn said: it's friday, yiiipppeee! Jesus might come today! i just love that. her sisters was all ears. asking where??? today is driving around day again for me. some days its easier than other days. tomorrow we want to go to saskatoon. just for a few things (scrapbooking too!!!) j is still looking for boots and stuff. and a tree!!! we need a tree. really. i want a 7 .5 foot prelit. but i dont want to pay so many $. so we wait. (and wait). i want to share with you something i read on another blog (so its not my own) but i loved it so much. let it make you think today and let it inspire and bless your heart. Ohhhh and check out my second page for the christmas journal. love and BIG hugs. wf xxxxx

I love the me who has a close relationship with God.
I love the me who is a good and faithful wife.
I love the me who has learned to be a good mom.
I love the me who is a faithful friend.
I love the me who is loyal to all.
I love the me who is strong and can defend herself.
I love the me who has a strong compassion in her heart for others.
I love the me who can just let go and forgive.
I love the me who is funny and comical.
I love the me who loves to dance.
I love the me who is creative.
I love the me who has strive.
I love the me who is honest
I love the me who can love others.
I love the me who can love ME.


Anonymous said...

Hallo daar! Ek het gesien toe jy aanlog maar moes wag vir die prentjie. Dit is 'n beautiful Christmas page. Vandag was 'n koue en nat dag in TZN. Ons het die reen nodig en eintlik is dit lekker. Ek gaan netnou in die bed klim met die opvolg op Hadassah - night with the king. Ek verlang nog steeds na my man wat die hele naweek in PTA is . Geniet jou naweek en ek hoop jy kry jou boom. Love you lotsa jellytots, Me

Lisa G said...

wow! you really do read my blog :) You are so sweet, I am enjoying reading all of your blog too