Saturday, December 10, 2005


today was saskatoon day. we didnt buy much, only the following: one tray, one 2' x 3' carpet, 3 books, a lot of scrapbooking stuff, a watch for j for our annerversary, and sweeties. we had a delightful meal at moxies (!!!!) and j is in the ER tonight (really). so i quickly made yesterday and todays chritmas journal pages and thought i'll quickly post it. then i am going to bed with coffee and the laptop. and i am visting online tonight for a while. i made such a gorgeous page yesterday that i think i want to enter for Hall of fame. will see...

goodnight, sleep tight. love and a (((((hugg)))))

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Anonymous said...

Me again...Ja, ek dink die hall of fame sal werk. Altwee die nuwe pages is stunning. hoe lyk die mat?het jul toe nie die klaar verligte boom gekoop nie? Sal seker in die opvolg sien. Love ya tons, Me