Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas journal

I am soo excited to post these, i just couldnt wait. i loooovvveee to be creative! anyway, its 06:50 in the evening and still snowing. lots and lots and lots. i helped j showeled and we kissed in our front yard standing knee high in the snow. the weather said 10-15cm's. i say 2 m by now. read the earlier edition also!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Dit is al die 14de hier by ons, so wanner jy die lees, behoort dit al 14de daai kant te wees. Mag julle 'n awesome jaar beleef. Mag julle al die avontuur wat julle saam beleef vir altyd onthou. Love you lotsa jellytots. me