Monday, December 26, 2005

late night nostalgia

I hear the drizzle of the rain. Like a memory it falls. Soft and warm continuing Tapping on my roof and walls My mind's distracted and distant My thoughts are many miles away They lie with you when you're asleep Kiss you when you start the day And as I watch the drops of rain Weave their weary paths and die I know that I am like the rain There before the grace of you go I.

i love this song. i have discovered eva cassidy and i am so totally in awe of this woman's music and talent and gift. its totally nostalgic and beautiful and make want to do more. be more. scrapbook. love. cry. want to go home. want to stay. beautiful. here is some pics of christmas still. got them today from our friend who took them. i love the one with the kids and jana's expression. love it. the house is slowly starting to come around to a decent state of neatness. i am coming around to a state of being more aware (although not quite) and j's in the gheisha book. not putting it down. no husband around. when he comes up for air, he races the cars around with tia. (yep, he got some sky-lectric for xmas). the house smells like croissants. i baked some for friends visiting earlier. i shuffled the snow on our deck this afternoon in a tee. hard work. but it was 1 degrees ABOVE. heatwave again. i have completed 6 projects for HOF and only 4 more to go. more eva. more soul. more beauty. love you and a kiss. love wf...


Anonymous said...

Me again. You all look so beautiful. Radiant. Maybe the cold air is good for peoples skin, you all look so healthy and well. May you have a wondeful day today. Love you tons

Anonymous said...

well, well, a white Christmas. Sallie weet hoe dit voel nie. at least this year it was not scorthing hot, and we could survive eating the whole day.You all look great, wish i was there, but here i am, waiting, counting the sleeps until i see you again.