Wednesday, December 7, 2005


first of all... its cold... like -25. this weekend the weather forcasts a heatwave of 1. wow, cant wait to get out and catch a suntan. yesterday i made the most delicious pie ever. j said it was the best he ever had. its something that's not so popular here. so i made a beef and peppersteak pie. next time i'll take a picture. we watched war of the worlds last night and my honest opinion is that the story line isnt good b/c there is no storyline. i think stephen spielberg is getting old, and tom cruise too. even the acting was half hearted (apart from dakota fanning which will always be good). if you havent watched mr and mrs smith i would HIGHLY recommend it. brilliant. so, last night at walmart i got these amazing wallpaper and used it in a page (after i painted it) and when i sooo enthusiasticly showed j, he just looked at it and said... nothing. i said wrong response. but, (sigh) he is allowed to his opinion and he have to tell me the truth. but i am still going to finish the page and i like it lots. i'll put it up on the page for your opinions. so, today is a quiet day and i have no other plans than to s/b and i want to make a christmas card for my blog. i feel so bad that i didnt got around to it this year. i will lay on my bed till the feeling passes. so, the hall of fame contest opens jan 2006 sometime and we have about 20 days to do our thing (elbie and eurika!!) i must confess that i still have to read the assigments and i havent done 1. i think its a good thing to get us to s/b. have all of you bought all your christmas presents yet?? only 18 days left there!!!!!!!
will write again tomorrow... love wf.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Jou page is beautiful en jou dogter nog mooier! Ek het haar geboek vir Andrew.... Het die ouers nie in die O.T. die vrouens vir hul seuns geboek nie of was dit anders om? Wel, hoop jy het 'n stunning dag wanneer jy die kry.

My ma het kom kuier vir 'n week terwyl Arthur in Brakpan werk.

Love you tons