Tuesday, December 6, 2005


It seems that there is at least one faithful person reading my blog everyday. so thanks E! i'll write for you. today is another white day. its early here...08:39 but the things is, its just turning light and it snowed again lst night. i hear J showeling the drive way and i think the kids are in trouble cause they are not in the car yet. (oops!). this morning i have a hair appointment (a very rare thing for me these days). i am going to have my roots coloured and thats a good thing b/c my grey hair is taking over. i hear the dad and girls leave... sure enough he was soooo not inpressed. and i have to bank a cheque. AND the grocery store have the 10% discount day today so i am going to buy groceries too. still on my list is the office and then christmas. i dont want to wait till no 99 to get all the gifts. TREES: wow its so gorgeous here. you can buy a 7.5 foot prelit chrismas tree. (the the lights is already on). and the christmas tree ornamnts is unbelievable. you have to come here to see it to believe it. there is rows with themes: blue, purple, red, white ect. then you get handcrafted ornaments and victorian ornaments. and on and on.
i am sitting in bed with the laptop and i should really be getting up. here is the POTD (pict of the day) love wf


wf said...

Toets comment

Anonymous said...

Haai, werk dit nou?? Ek het gister ook 'n comment gelos maar weet nie of hy in cyber space verdwyn het nie.

Ek moet ga regmaak vir sel. Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi vriendin

Jou idees en sommer net jou menswees inspireer my . Hou aan om jouself te wees en ander te bless .