Sunday, January 8, 2006

A dream comes true ... well part of it

So, i was slow (or no) on the posts this week because i needed to finish the hall of fame entries. here it is then. a dream come true JUST TO BE ABLE TO ENTER. wow, such a wonderful opportunity. it was very hard work and i feel this is the best i could do. jaco also said my entries is the best that i have ever done. satisfied, not confident, humbled. but satisfied. next is chatterbox and i want to get to it ASAP. the closing for chatterbox is end of FEB. so, i am VERY well. oh, and i joined weight watchers last week. will keep you updated on the losing there.
love and a kiss.


Anonymous said...

wow, there it is, the most prayed over piece of mail ever..
ek is so trots op jou, excited vir jou, en nervous saam jou.
jy het nog steeds die mooiste hande in die wereld...
liefde ekke

Anonymous said...

Hi daar! Ek is bly jy is weer daar, ek het gou op vakansie gekyk wat jy gedoen het. Kan nie wag dat jy die hele HOF ding kan publish sodat ke kan sien hoe slim jy is nie. I love you tons, me